A contemporary community growing together.


Our goal is to encourage people to call this place home.


Our team hopes to encourage strategic Champions in all career phases.

Changing times require current information and data.  A current project is to collect input from people that can help define needs, identify opportunities, lead organizations, and encourage progress.

Collected input will be evaluated by appropriate teams who will categorize, summarize and display relevant information for use by local enterprises.  It is our hope that this “bottom up” data will be combined with other databases and resources.   Relevant information may then support “top down” strategies that encourage continued maintenance and development of the community we call home.

 Step 1:

Define the Mosaic.

Step 2:

Celebrate the Mosaic.

Step 3:

Encourage community Champions and Friends to:  build, dream, ponder, challenge, direct, clean, coordinate, motivate, gather, correct, support, design, tweak, maintain, judge, augment, supplement, connect, grow … the MOSAIC.

Please consider completing the [Survey] connected to this site as one of your contributions to our common goals.  We look forward to continuing to grow together.

Our goal is to encourage people to call this place HOME.

It is our turn.

It is our opportunity.

Our Place Your Home