We greatly appreciate your help with our regional goal of encouraging people to call this place home.   ​​Collected input from Survey, Mosaic, Profile, and Attachments will be combined with data obtained from other sources.  We hope to display the wonderful mosaic defined as Chemung and adjacent NY and PA counties in the near future.

Thank you for your assistance with our shared goals.

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Our hope is to define and evaluate the many components of our regional Mosaic. Please use the following section as an opportunity for you to highlight and promote an individual, entity, group, organization or location that you believe we should consider as a community Mosaic component.


Our hope is that we will be able to group and categorize responses. Please assist this process by completing the following Profile section.


Optional JPG images or PDF documents may be attached to augment your survey input. Maximum combined size of all attachments is 5 Mb.”

Our Place Your Home