“I don’t know why…

But I do know that God loves you…”

These are familiar lyrics from my archives that have become very relevant to our current season.

Over 25 years ago, I was challenged by the continuous questions from our 4 wonderful young children. I composed this song as an encouragement to the next generation. During a church service on a Sunday morning in the 1990’s, I gathered in front with my four and other youth. I sang this song as encouragement to all. I added a voice only recording to the collection I compiled last Christmas.

We are very pleased to see music entering the lives of our grandchildren.

Instruments are appearing in collections of play toys. I smiled when our daughter Rachel said she has sung this tune to our granddaughters. I imagine days to come when the next generation will progress through the phases of learning to play keyboards and other instruments.

Grandma Karen asked me to consider how we could share the Christmas Story on 2020’s unusual Christmas Eve. My mind drifted to how the simple beginning of a child born in a manger progressed through Jesus’ life. Harmony was added as he gathered disciples and began to teach. Counter melodies and complexities developed. The saga progressed to the crescendo of the crucifixion and resurrection. There is a continuous baseline that God was always present.

I decided to rewrite the score of this song for Christmas 2020 with this story in mind. Each verse became a progressive milestone for keyboard students.

The original score was written in a lower key for my voice. I have attached it as an appendix. For this version I raised the key so that it may work better for younger voices. I decided to grow complexities as I progressed through each verse. Starting with a solo line, adding harmony, counter melodies, and chords. It begins and ends with a baseline that, like the Bible story, reminds us that the love of God will always be with us.

Please consider the following a current draft. I have created this webpage as a portal to help us play with options.

There will be many smiles if our team continues to grow through the current season and prepare the next generation of players.

Love to all,

Grandpa Dan


Dan Panosian

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December 2020










Voice only recording from Christmas 2019

(Click triangle > to play)





Sheet music used for church performance in the 1990’s