August 5, 2018

Dear family and friends,

August 5th is a special day. Sorry we can not be with you all today. Today we are celebrating together.

Please join us with our annual return to August 5, 1978.

( Click arrow at left to play )

We enjoyed a wonderful reception on that day.  Later years introduced me to the following song.  Today, I would have suggested that it be the song that was played during our first dance at our reception.

I did make a request for a song just before we left our reception.  It was a song that I began to appreciate during my college years. It was also sheet music that I remember seeing on my mom’s piano when I returned home.  Unfortunately, we did not record the wonderful performance by the soloist on our wedding day.  Please accept the following version recorded with the help of Bert Short.

Life moves to next generations.  It was great to share 4 wonderful wedding days with our children.  Hope all know that these words are for each of you and all of us.

With all our love,  (as applies)

Mom & Dad, Grandpa & Grandma, Dan & Karen